About Purchase

629 books of Korean classics and old books to celebrate the centenary year of Korea, since the year 1919 when the provisional government of modern Korea was established

Since the Charmbit Reissue Series is printed and published by its five collections, it cannot be purchased by single copies.
I hope your kind understandings for this circumstance.
Thus you can order either the whole Series (629 books) or each Collection of the Series, that is, Collection No. 1(66 books), No. 2(158), No. 3(123), No. 4(164), and No.5(118).

If you have any questions on purchase or any other comments, please contact us either by phone (+82-31-772-1141) or email (oldbookskorea.net@gmail.com).
You can also order them through Korean Studies Information Co., Ltd (http://ebook.kstudy.com).

If you need the complete list with plates & bibliographical data of the Series, which is written in four languages (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English), please feel free to contact us (oldbookskorea.net@gmail.com).