Before Liberation(1945)

0000 About Graduation Albums: recollection of collective memory

There are almost 5,000 pieces of primary, middle, high schools' graduation photos during the past century that Chambit Archive has collected.
One of the earliest is from the 1920s, which means it covers the whole 100 years.

I started this during my 40s and all the way through my 50s and now I am about to face my 'big-six-o' self. Does it mean I have spend almost 20 years doing this?
Even realizing that this wouldn't be a easy task due to continuous of both physical and mental breakdowns, I didn't give up finding time in between my job to make the brief introductions of the according images and uploading them in the website. And those were out of only one hope that if only I could share them with the people in need.

And this was all because I believed this is the only way to express my awe for the people of this land. The people despite being born as a humble self in the time of the colonialization, who have cultivated the power of culture, currently described as "annoyingly attractive" in a recent posting of a foreign media (April 2020, ICON Multimedia). And also my duty to appreciate their conquest of the great adversities that followed, for the past 100 years.