Introduction to the Series

Overview of 629 Books

대한민국 개국 100주년을 기념하여 복간한 우리의 고전과 옛 교과서 629책
The First Charmbit Series―629 Classics and Old & Rare Textbooks of Korea

Souls and Spirits of Korea for over half a millennium are revived through Faithful Reissuing!

Celebrating the centenary year of Korea, since the year 1919 when the provisional government of modern Korea was established

From HunMinJeongEum(Correct Sounds for Instructing People) to GukEo(National Language Textbook), Classics and old books for teaching and learning that had served as guides for enlightenment to Koreans, for such a long history of 524 years from 1446 to 1969

The real images of books reissued by Charmbit Archive.

‘Old Books with Slowness and Beauty’―Charmbit Series is proud of faithfully realizing the quaintness and essential nature of old books with fragrance of letters and spirit of books, which any other reissue projects in the previous times failed to achieve.

Charmbit Reissue Series: 629 Rare Classics & Old Textbooks of Korea
Print of the First Edition April 1st, 2019
Issue of the First Edition April 11th, 2019
Editor KIM Hahn­young
Publisher CHAE Jong­jun
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