Introduction to the Series


대한민국 개국 100주년을 기념하여 복간한 우리의 고전과 옛 교과서 629책
A comprehensive library of basic historical materials for Koreanology and education in Korea

La Crème de la Crème of republished books from Korea

Livre d’art : The Soul and Spirit of Korea for last 524 years are recreated by revived publication of its rare old books
Charmbit Reissue Series 629 rare classics and old textbooks of Korea: 1446~1969

Charmbit Reissue Series, consisting of total 629 books of valuable classics and representative old textbooks of Korea, is the product of cooperated project between Charmbit Archive and Korean Studies Information Co., Ltd. The Series was published in both paper book form and e‐book format.

These classical textbooks have served as a reliable lamplight illuminating the window of humanities as well as been a trustworthy friend living together in our own community for more than 500 years. The textbooks have made great contributions to making Koreans establish their indigenous identities, as well as forming and solidifying spiritual culture of themselves.

Due to these roles of the classics and old textbooks, it is needless to say that they have been a rich foundation for Koreans to enlighten themselves, overcome thoughtfully the hardships and challenges that they have faced numerously in the course of their history, and establish Korean communities righteously.

The project of this Series was planned to pay a tribute to the classics and old textbooks of Korea, as well as commemorate their roles and meanings. Here, Charmbit Archive and Korean Studies Information, decided to reissue Korean classics and old textbooks to celebrate the centenary year of both the Independence Movement on March 1st against imperial Japanese invaders and the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in April 11 1919, exactly 100 years ago from the first edition of our Series.

The 629 books in the Charmbit Reissue Series aimed to create livres d’art, say, ‘the slow and beautiful old books’, which contain evidences of age as they are. The whole composition of the Series and the real images of the individual 629 books can be found at the website of Charmbit Archive built in 4 languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English (


Institutions, organizations and agencies that have cooperated for republishing Charmbit Series by sharing images of their collections are as follows. I deeply appreciate their help and cooperation.

National Library of Korea
National Hangeul Museum
Central Library of Seoul National University
Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies
Jeollanamdo Office of Education
National Museum of Korea
National Assembly Library
National Museum of Korean Contemporary History
Central Library of Chonnam National University
Daegu Local History Museum
Central Library of Ewha Womans University
Dokdo Museum
KNUE Educational Museum
Jeju Education Museum
Central Library of Wonkwang University
Hanbat Museum of Education
Center for Overseas Resources on Korean Studies, Korea University
Samseong Museum of Publishing
National Folk Museum of Korea
Library of Yonsei University
Cultural Heritage Administration
National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan