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대한민국 개국 100주년을 기념하여 복간한 우리의 고전과 옛 교과서 629책
KIM Hahn‐young

As a chief editor, KIM has comprehensively organized the project of Charmbit Reissue Series, republishing 629 books of the classics and old textbooks of Korea during the years 2014~2019. Born in an island of Wando, Jeollanam‐do of Korea in 1962, he graduated from Hongik University, majoring in Western painting in the undergraduate course and aesthetics in the graduate course of the university.

He taught aesthetics and art history at several universities including Chonbuk National University, Dankook University and Kangwon National University. Also he is the writer of books including Books Published by Private Publishers in Anseong Region and the Printing Tradition of Anseong(2012), The Tradition of Namsadang Troupe and the Discourse on Baudeogi(2015), and theses including ‘A study from a micro‐historical point of view of oral statement on Baudeogi discourse.’ As the director of Charmbit Archive, these days he is deeply interested in studying the education history of Korea through old real bibliographies.

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KIM Hahn‐young(director, right) and JEONG Jae‐heum(executive, left)